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Mark Ritchie Snyder

Profile Updated: June 11, 2012
Residing In:
San Pablo, CA USA

VISTA - Washington, D.C.
Peace Corps - Panama

What elementary school did you attend?

Atlanta, GA; San Antonio, TX; Augsburg, Germany

Do you remember the 60s?


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     Belle Hull was my friend, my first lover, and girlfriend during our senior year at HHS.  She taught me to drive in her TR-3.  
    Many living room floors shared our passion-- my parents', her parents', the artists for whom she baby sat around the corner from my parents, the drive-in, and under the bushes at Valley Forge.   
    We went together to the Luthern Church Square Dance, Church Choir, and Church excursions -- one to Valley Forge.  Funny thing -- we looked around, and they had all departed.  We took the High-Speed rail back.  It ran from Valley Forge,  two blocks from my house, and into Philadelphia.     
    Once at an after Christmas party, when I had received a tape recorder from my parents,  I was playing tossing the ice at cleavage.  I had the recorder on and you can hear Belle say to Wayne (her away at College boyfriend),  "There's a piece of ice, right THERE!"  and hear him congratulating me for the perfect shot... 
    Belle, Meg Fisher (now an MD Doctor), one other (the choreographer), and I rehearsed -- possibly two months -- a dance for the  HHS Talent Show.  
    The Judges did not know what to make of us.  We were not selected to continue.   After the audition presentation, someone came up to us and said, "The judges didn't know what to make of you.  They didn't get it!  I thought you were absolutely great!  I'm sorry I won't get to see you in th show!"  
    We had done a dance spoof.  We pretended we missed our marks.  We fell off the stage -- slinky, funny. The occasional umbrella would go flying.  Missed leaps and catches...   We were so proud.  Want to see it again?  --The exact funny same as before ...  But we were not given that chance.  
     The last time I saw Belle, she had a baby in her arms.  "Is it mine?" I asked.  "No,"  she said.   So I thought it was Wayne's.  
    I wrote her a letter about 15-20 years ago, having come across her parents' address from school days.
    She wrote back, saying she was getting married.  The tone of the lettter seemed a little angry.  I put the letter into a box with other letters, and have looked for it from time-to-time, to no avail.  Maybe it was stolen, like so many of my other valued  possessions.  My Stamp Collection; my power tools, my electric wheelchairs., my Video Equipment,  my jewelery, my gun, my houses, my art.    
    I really loved Belle, my First.  


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