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In Memory

Edward Larry Fair

Edward Larry Fair

Thanks to Kingman Davis for these details:

Although Larry died shortly after an impromptu reunion we had in the 80's, we did spend a considerable time together during that weekend. Discussed his military experience during the Viet Nam era. Larry was drafted and served his whole tour at the Carlisle Barracks, doing yoeman duties at the Army Staff College. The point being that he was a veteran and a flag should be placed next to his name on our class role.

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07/13/12 04:33 PM #1    

Kingman Davis

At the time of his death Larry lived in Salisbury, MD.  He had one son and his widow has since remarried.  Marimow asked me what was the one thing I wished for prior to an impromptu held reunion some time ago.  I replied find Larry and get him to come.  The last half of our senior year Larry would pick me up in his 1951 white, 2 door, straight 8, Pontiac, with a back seat so big you could dance in it.  During Christmas break senior year we drove to Buffalo, then through the Mohawk valley, into the Adirondacks, through northern New England, NYC, then home.  One morning  we stopped for breakfast in a place called Speculator, NY.  The roads had just been plowed and the snow on the sides was higher than the car.  Through a gap in the walls of white we spotted a log cabin like building sporting a lighted food sign.  Walking in I saw a Haverford varsity jacket worn by one of the few customers present.  Since the only winter jacket I had was my own Varsity jacket and the coincidence wasn't lost on the waitress,  Larry walked over to the gentleman and said something.  The former student ( a soccer player from either '63 or '64) looked up at Larry, then over to me, with barely an acknowledgement continued eating.  Larry returned shaking his head muttering something about upperclassmen.  I can't locate my '64 Greystones but I'll always remember his face, someday, maybe his name.  But to finish a short recollection that got out of hand, I want to thank Billy M. again, for bringing closure to the many danglings threads I've managed to accumulate.  I bought that Pontiac from Larry and with my family, our '59 Desoto convertible, a U-Haul truck with trailer we convoyed to Michigan a week after our commencement.  The only pictures I have of Larry are in my '65 Greystones, but the '51 Pontiac got an Earl Schieb $19.95 special, British Racing Green, many adventures with photos, and I can see Larry in every one.

07/13/12 05:09 PM #2    

Gerry Curtin


I have both the 63 and 64 yearbooks. I will list all the guys pictured(other than guys in our class) in each for the varsity soccer teams in case the name hits you for the unfriendly guy you ran into in NY:

1963 (soccer was 1962 fall):

Mike Berg, Jeff Pyke,Jim McQuillen, Karl Keck, Ted Heyman, Rich Olsen, George Lincoln, Don MacCurdy, John Short, Bob Killen, John Brewer, Dave Kim, Laird Carlson, Rich Vincenti, Averil Karlsrucher, Jack Cassel, Bill Green, Pete Webb, Jim Breneman, Bob Herskovitz, Dave Nulton, Bob Kohberger, John Lynch (mgr)

1964 (fall 1963)

won't list the repeats

Steve Papp, Rich Olsen, Don Zane, Craig Nannos, George Schofield, Bob Montgomery

Freshman year at Penn State, following a lacrosse game at Navy (Annapolis), Steve Yost and I went down to DC and spent Sat night with Larry at his fraternity (Geo Washington U). He was a great guy.

Hope you and your family are well , and that things in Grand Rapids are good.

Gerry Curtin

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