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In Memory

Thomas M McDaid

Thomas M McDaid

McDAID, THOMAS, 64, of Reno, NV on Jan. 20, 2012. Graduate of Haverford High School class of 1964; Deep Springs College; New College (FL); Columbia University. Survivors: brothers Edward, Dennis, James. Services were private.

Published on Philly.com on Feb. 19, 2012 - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/philly/obituary.aspx?n=thomas-mcdaid&pid=155945077#sthash.mAflT0JL.dpuf


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10/28/15 10:27 PM #1    

William Paul McDowell

It's so sad to hear about Tom. We had several classes together, including French with Mrs. Swanson. He was one of the funniest guys I knew.

Sadder still is that I know nothing about his life after graduation. I am the poorer for that.


10/29/15 01:07 PM #2    

Michael DeLaurentis

I had been searching for Tom on and off over the last year or so. No one knew what happened to him, except for one isolated encounter apparently at Columbia U.  Tom was a really smart, funny, good guy, with a very peevish turn.  I sat next to him in tenth-grade history class [Miss Farrow], and from him learned the fine art of concealing a steamy novel inside an upright history textbook during class [though I never executed].  Tom always had this I-could-not-care-less attitude -- and, given his talents, most of the time really didn't need to.  I wish we all had one more chance to see what became of him before we lost him.

10/29/15 01:18 PM #3    

Rick Taylor

Tom and I were  neighbors. He  and I attended a dance together...perhaps during middle school. My kind mother insisted that I  walk across the street to enable his mother  ( Mrs. McDaid had no daughters.)  to see my dress, etc. I  was not thrilled to comply, however, I  did  stop by. Today, I am thankful that I took my mama's advice!!! Tom was a lot of fun, brilliant, ant thoughtful. Blessings to his family!!!      Leslie Hope Chaney Taylor

10/29/15 01:58 PM #4    

Ted Erfer

This was sent to me from Susan Boymel Udin:

I have some bits and pieces of information about Tom. I went to grad school with someone who was a classmate of his after he left HHS to go to Deep Springs College. Here's what my friend told me. 

"I'm on an airplane about to take off to Amsterdam in a minute.  I have some more information in some files at home, and I'll try to remember to reply again in mid-November when I get back.

I tried to track down Tom 10 or 15 years ago, but he had disappeared.   I hoped to get some contributions to Deep Springs from him.

I know that Tom went to New College in Florida after he left Deep Springs.  I saw him  sometime around 1972, i think, after he had graduated and was studying politics, with, as I recall the intention of going to LSE.  He was cynical as ever.  Around a decade ago, or perhaps 15 years ago, when I tried hard to locate him, I  found records of some lawsuits, but he was no longer at the addresses on the legal papers, and the current people there did not know where he was.  I never found a death notice.

I did a google search with Tom's name and New College and found his BA thesis title from 1968: The German Army and the Coming of the First World War.

When I hear more from my friend, I'll pass it along.

10/30/15 01:23 PM #5    

Bill Marimow

Tom was a stellar student whose irreverence vied with his intellect. Tom, Rob Klugman, Paul Wright and I were on a quiz team together in junior high; we called ourselves the "Protest Cats." Now two of our lineup -- Tom and Paul -- are gone. The last I heard about Tom was a report from Tom Horne, who encountered him in the library at Columbia University, probably in the early 1970's. I tried to locate him for our 45th reunion, but failed in my efforts.

11/04/16 04:50 PM #6    

Ted Erfer

From:  James Hayden

I worked with Tom McDaid Haverford 1965 for many years on Atlantic Richfield's oil tankers. He started out in the office as a human resource person and then became an Able Bodied Seaman, an AB. He recommended to me that my son apply to Deep Springs College where Tom had gone for a year before the New College in Florida and on to Columbia University. I tried to contact him at the last address I had for him in Blaine, Washington to no avail. I then found his obituary on this site. I can tell you I'm sorry I hadn't contacted him sooner as I was more than thankful for his recommendation to my son. I'm sorry to hear of his passing. I liked him. He frequently found himself in the wrong room. "If you find you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room." 

11/05/16 03:05 PM #7    

Robert A Purvis

I first met Tom McDaid in eighth grade at Haverford Junior High School.  We ate lunch together with two other boys regularly in the cafeteria that year.  What I remember about Tom is his going out for the wrestling team although he did not have a lot of natural athletic ability.  Tom persevered and eventually earned a letter sweater.  His example was an encouragement to me as a member of the HHS cross-country team to persevere and ultimately earn a varsity letter although I had almost no natural athletic ability

11/07/16 10:45 AM #8    

Rob Klugman

First, a small clarification regarding Tom's wrestling career.  This was ninth grade, when HHS's matmen at 155 (?) pounds became either injured or academically ineligible..  A fledging wrestler myself (until boils mercifully ended my career), I rememnber attempting to teach Tom some of the rudiments of the sport.  His instructions were to avoid being pinned.  Not sure if he ever acomplished this.

But my favorite McDaid memory was going on a JFK-inspired 50-mile hike with Tom, Emlyn Webber, and Paul Wright.  My specific memories are dim.  I do recall that it took a really long time and that we were very sore the next day. And that we all made it.

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