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In Memory

Tom Truax

Tom Truax

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09/27/16 08:30 PM #1    

Gerry Curtin

Very sorry to learn of Tom's passing. While we had spent many hours together playing/practicing on the same teams all through Jr and Sr Highs, I never felt that I totally knew him. After our 1965 grraduation, I don't think I ever saw or heard from him again. I hope he had a happy life, since he was a nice guy.

Gerry Curtin


09/28/16 08:50 AM #2    

Kingman Davis

Had tried to reach him over the years, sister Becky was less than forthcoming in giving me any information.  All my memories of Tom were based around his smile which was ever present.  In gym class he would climb the rope and touch the ceiling, legs out 90 degrees, upside down!  Amazing arm strenght.  For his size he was a most formidable linebacker and backed down from no one.  Never knew him outside of the practice field, where true character is revealed, but like Chas Zoll, he was someone to be admired.  My last sighting of him was a pleasant surprise.  We had just graduated and I was at Katie Bachrach's house (not realizing she had spent our senior year in England) and was running between the houses through some bushes and bumped into him head on.  We looked at each other and his toothy smile brightened the evening.  A few words were spoken, long forgotten, and we went our separate ways.  A week later I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He has left us in body but I will always remember him and tell my grandchildren (my kids already know) about the boy who could climb a rope upside down and not use his legs.  

09/28/16 08:56 AM #3    

Tim Milligan

So sorry to hear of Tom's death. I also shared many sports moments with him. I hope he rests in peace. My thought and prayers are with Becky and his family.

09/28/16 03:14 PM #4    

Bill Marimow

That's such sad news about Tom: I first remember him as a rugged wrestler in junior high school. I think he wrestled at 138 pounds in 9th grade, and he was tough, agile and hard to beat on the mat.  In high school, I occasionally had to cover Tom in lacrosse, and that was always a challenge.

I last saw him one night in college -- I'm guessing this would have been in the late 1960's, possibly 1970 -- sitting at the bar in Burke's on Eagle Rd. talking about what we'd been doing in the years since high school. Tom was a good man, who seemed to let his actions -- particularly in sports -- speak far louder and more meaningfully than his words.

09/28/16 03:23 PM #5    

Gary Steppler

So sad to hear of Toms passing ! Way to young ! He was always nice to be with . He was one of our classmates he will always be remembered in our class of 65 family. Prayers to his family . May he rest in peace!

09/29/16 12:15 PM #6    

Gary Bullock

In addition to being a lacrosse teammate of Tom's, where I remember his tenacity, and leading with his head so much that they fitted a lacrosse mask on a football helmet to give him extra protection, I was in the Sea Scouts with Tom throughout high school. He had a great sense of humor, and I remember him hanging out of the back of our troop learder's truck one night and yelling,"The British are coming! The British are coming!", as we drove through Havertown. Prayers and thoughts are with his family. 

10/04/16 10:46 AM #7    

Stephen Noel Basile

Tom was a great team mate in both lacrosse and wrestling, the fun we had in practice and the bus travel to games.  After high school sorry to say lost contact, sad to hear he passed,to young   Steve Basile

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